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Our Position on Tobacco

TISA strongly believes that smoking should only be for adults who are aware of the risks.

  • TISA has stated publicly on numerous occasions that we believe the tobacco industry and its products should be regulated. We support and want to help deliver, sensible and balanced regulation that is evidence-based and that will in reality help reduce the public health impacts of tobacco use.
  • TISA acknowledges the health risks associated with the use of tobacco products, therefore only people over 18 should make informed decisions about using tobacco products.
  • TISA believes those who choose to use or trade in tobacco products, should only use products that comply with all government legislation
  • TISA supports the sensible regulation and taxation of the tobacco industry and tobacco products.
  • TISA has identified the escalation of illicit trade as the single biggest threat to the sustainability of the legal tobacco industry, eroding the market share of legitimate players and government revenue alike.
  • TISA believes public/private partnerships between governments and industry on the continent & globally is the only sustainable solution to combat and reduce the incidence of illicit trade in tobacco and tobacco products