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The use of tobacco and its supply is regulated by the Tobacco Act (S.C. 1997, c. 13). A copy of the Act can be obtained from the Canada Department of Justice website

Canada’s Health Minister announced that the federal government is considering an aggressive anti-smoking communications strategy that may include bigger and more graphic health warnings on cigarette packages. Graphic health warnings presently cover 50% of pack space.

The department responsible for Health is proposing new Tobacco Products Labeling Regulations (Cigarettes and Little Cigars) (TPLR-CLC) that would replace the current labeling requirements for cigarettes and little cigars.

The proposed TPLR-CLC would require the display of 16 new health warning messages, 8 health information messages, and 4 toxic emissions statements on cigarette and little cigar packages.

Key features of the proposed regulations include:

  • new graphic health warning messages covering 75% of the front and back of cigarette and little cigar packages;
  • new health information messages that are enhanced with the use of colour and graphic elements;
  • a pan-Canadian toll-free quitline number and web portal to inform tobacco users about the availability of smoking cessation services, subject to provincial/territorial agreement; and
  • easier-to-understand toxic emissions statements.