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The advertising and the free distribution of tobacco products are prohibited by the Tobacco Advertising and Promotion Act, 2002. The Act further prohibits the sponsorship by tobacco companies if the purpose is to promote a tobacco product.

Tobacco Advertising & Promotion Act, 2002.pdf

Public smoking
The Health Act, 2006 prohibites public smoking of tobacco. Smoking is allowed in certain designated smoking areas.

Health Act, 2006.pdf

Display of tobacco products in stores
The Health Act, 2009, recently finalised regulations prohibiting the display of tobacco products in retailers or stores. The time period allowed for retailers to comply with the regulations is from April 2012 for large stores and April 2015 for all other retailers. Temporary displays will be allowed in certain circumstances. Tobacconist are allowed to display their tobacco products provided the tobacco products cannot be seen from outside.

Health Act 2009

Packaging and labeling – Plain Packaging
The Ministers will also start a public consultation over whether England should become the first country in Europe to introduce plain packaging for cigarettes and other tobacco products while insisting they are keeping “an open mind” on the issue.