Membership Application

TISA uses the process of accreditation of both new and existing members as a means of self-regulation, in order to ensure that it retains a high standard of governance and integrity in terms of which all members will be subject to periodic compliance reviews.

The accreditation process has three main elements:

  • self evaluation;
  • external inspection; and
  • peer recommendation.

The Accreditation Process

  • The Applicant must submit an application form, together with any required supporting documentation.
  • The application form and supporting documentation will be circulated to all TISA members for their comments and recommendations.
  • The Chairman or CEO may visit the Applicant to conduct a personal interview with the Chief Executive, as well as to inspect the Applicant’s business premises.
  • The Chairman or CEO may make any recommendations deemed appropriate.
  • The Board of TISA approves or rejects the application.  The final decision is made by the Board at its sole discretion and there is no right of appeal.

If you are interested in applying for membership, please contact us.