Youth Smoking Prevention Programmes

Tobacco is a legal product which should only be used by and sold to persons, 18 years and older, who are aware of the risks. 

TISA believes it has an important role to play in ensuring the sector develops and promotes initiatives that combat youth smoking.   This is in line with its members’ global commitments to ensure youth smoking prevention programmes are in place in all markets where they operate.

Consequently, the tobacco industry, through TISA, took a stand and rolled out a Retail Awareness Programme across South Africa to educate and inform national retailers around current legislation and the associated penalties for under-age sales, and to encourage retailers to only sell tobacco products to those 18 and older. 

Post-campaign research showed:

  • Retailers were more empowered to refuse young people wanting to buy cigarettes;
  • Retailers were more aware of the legislation prohibiting the sale of tobacco products to young people;
  • The vast majority of retailers were observing the 18 years age sale restriction.
  • Retailers appreciate the tobacco industry’s efforts in trying to reduce under-age smoking and helping retailers understand and comply with the legislation.